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The world's most innovative speaker allows any surface to play amazing music. The technology enables the Wow How Cool to create a speaker without the use of a membrane. Audio waves are transmitted from the Wow How Cool onto any solid surface turning that surface into a large speaker boasting full sound in 360 degree clarity.

Wow How Cool uses one of the world's most innovative speaker manufactures that has completed in-house research and development teams, now we are introducing it to the market to enrich people's listening experience.

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Use the Wow How Cool speaker on a suitable hard surface such as counter, table, wall, glass, boat, car, etc. Since every surface will sound different, have fun experimenting with different surfaces and locations to find your favorite spot for your music.


Wow How Cool 5W - Battery
and microSD (TF) card media player

Using the built in media player you can play your favorite music without any cable or extra devices. Just insert your microSD (TF) card with all your music already loaded up and use the built in song selection buttons to control what song you want. If you want to play something from your external music source such as your Phone, iPad, iPod, laptop, MP3 player, or pretty much anything else, just plug it in with the included 3.5mm Audio Cable and your ready to rock on!

Custom Logo Service: (Min. Order of 24+) Enquire about our design service that will allow you to have your own Team, State, or Company logo on the top of the Wow How Cool Speaker. Your logo will be Laser Engraved into the metal surface providing a unique item that will keep your State, School, Team, or Company on the minds of the persons who purchases or receives it.

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